Is Perimenopause or Menopause Affecting Your Hormone Balances?

Perimenopause and Menopause are some of the most dreaded words a woman hears as they age. Menopause means a lot of things to a lot of different women, but the one main continuum is that their body will begin to start functioning differently; specifically they can start to experience hormone imbalances. Hormone imbalances can wreak havoc on daily life. Irritability, weight gain, mood swings, brain fog, fatigue, occasional sleeplessness, night sweats, cycle irregularity, hot flashes, and more can leave women feeling less like their true selves.* Simply put, menopause affects each one of us differently, but powerfully.

The hormone imbalances that occur during perimenopause and menopause are vast and affect a multitude of hormones within your body. However, there are a few hormones that lead that change in effect once you enter into perimenopause or menopause.


Estrogen is a very important hormone that serves many functions in a woman's body. It keeps their reproductive system functioning, maintains eye, skin, hair and nail health, and regulates major organs like the kidneys and liver. However, when a woman's body reduces its amount of estrogen, her body will begin to experience symptoms that are commonly associated with menopause, including: hot flashes, night sweats, increased hair growth, and more. These symptoms can also cause occasional sleeplessness as night sweats and hot flashes creep in during the night.*


Progesterone is a powerful hormone that has the main function of balancing the effects of estrogen. It also has the important duties of facilitating the release of egg cells for ovulation and fertilization, maintaining pregnancy, initiating monthly periods, regulating libido and ensuring that you don’t lose bone mass. 


Naturally, men produce more testosterone than women, yet testosterone is nonetheless vital for women throughout their lifetime. Testosterone’s main functions in a woman are keeping bones dense, muscles toned, and increasing sex drive. This hormone also helps keep moods balanced while maintaining brain functions and regulating fat absorption. 

These important hormones, among others in a woman's body, will gradually become off balance as a woman heads towards perimenopause and into menopause. A woman will begin to experience many symptoms mentioned above including: hot flashes, night sweats, weight and body fat gain, slowed metabolism, waking insomnia, brain fog, mood swings, vaginal dryness, and decreased libido. *


At Orenda, we realized the need to help women bring harmony to back your health with Mid-Life Balance.* That is why we have come out with a new regime, called Mid-Life Balance, to aid women in helping achieve balanced hormonal health.* Our all-natural program is scientifically formulated to help provide: Deep restorative sleep when you have occasional sleeplessness*, nutritional support*, optimal pituitary function*, and detoxification of hormone disruptors.* We help women achieve their mid-life balance with three of our products:

  • Orenda O-Tropin® oral spray uses an advanced liposomal delivery system to effectively administer a proprietary blend of amino acids, Alpha GPC, GABA, Mucuna Pruriens Extract, and Moomiyo Extract. Used twice daily, Orenda O-Tropin supports restorative sleep when you have occasional sleeplessness and helps support normal pituitary function.*   
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  •     Orenda Immune® supports cellular detoxification and a balanced immune system with Calcium d-Glucarate, Muramyl Peptides, and Beta 1, 3 glucans—some of the most powerful compounds known today for the immune system.*

o   Beta 1, 3 Glucans connect directly with circulating immune cell receptors to help promote activity.*

o   Lactobacillius Fermentium has shown in laboratory studies to support increased activity in key cells of the immune system.*

o   Calcium d-Glucarate supports cellular detoxification, also known as Glucuronidation - targeting Xenoestrogens and other hormone disruptors with estrogen blocking effects.*


For almost 20 years, Orenda has been a national leader in health products. We are driven by scientific insights and a strong passion to harness the natural benefits of vitamins, herbs, and supplements to improve the well-being of the customers we serve. With a strong commitment to innovation, organic sourcing, and quality manufacturing—all backed by a 30-day money back guarantee—we are confident you will discover Orenda is for you.



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