Part Three of Relieving Perimenopause: The Ingredients That Work

Part Three of Relieving Perimenopause: The Ingredients That Work

Like all good things, this set of articles about how to relieve perimenopause and menopause systems during your mid-life transition comes in threes. To finish this discussion on improving your health as you enter perimenopause, it’s time to discuss a supplement designed just for you.

Orenda Women’s supplement is about supporting the health of women ages 30 and up with their health. This is done by proving the special nutrients your body needs in a formula that works hand-in-hand with Orenda Immune® in the Mid-Life Balance Package.

The Third Leg of Orenda Internationals’ Mid-Life Relief

Orenda’s O-Tropin® spray helps you get the sleep you need for your body to recover from daily stresses without endlessly fatiguing you. Orenda Immune® also helps to invigorate your immune system to help unburden you of the toxins in your body. The last step is cap stoning this supplement plan by specifically addressing the needs of women’s bodies.

Orenda Women’s formula helps by offering you the major vitamins, minerals, and herbs that help keep your body in balance.

Women have different health needs when going through major hormonal shifts. You need a supplement that takes this into consideration and is made specifically for women of your age and stage of life.

Understanding the Ingredients

Phytoestrogens, which are used in our supplement mix, provide the all-natural organic and plant-based benefits that have been outlined in this trio of articles.

They are what works within your body to boost the process of re-establishing hormonal balance by encouraging estrogen production. At the same time, the ingredients in the other supplements help revitalize your immune system to kick out harmful toxins like xenoestrogens, provide better sleep, and keep your body healthy.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai is a plant that has been used in eastern medicine for more than 2,000 years. While the plant in and of itself produces pretty clusters of off-white or green flowers, it’s the roots that are used for extracts and where the nutrients used in this supplement come from.

It can also help with a myriad of other ailments, like those to have to do with the cardiovascular system, boost blood circulation and reduce blood pressure, and help to detoxify the body.

Red Raspberry

Red raspberry, yes, the delicious red fruit that grows on bushes, also provides many health benefits. While adding this colorful fruit to your diet is always a good idea, they also offer amazing effects when refined into a supplement.

Red raspberries are packed full of antioxidants, which are vital for your immune system and help to prevent and fight cancer. They also help to support the reduction of inflammation and are rich in minerals like manganese, copper, and iron—all of which are great for blood health!

Black Cohosh

It goes by other names, like black snakeroot, baneberry, and fairy candle. This little plant, both the flowers and the roots, was used by Native Americans as medicine, and it is still used today in supplements (like this one)! It is well-renowned for addressing and reducing the symptoms of menopause.

Specifically, it’s said to help drastically alleviate or even eliminate symptoms like hot flashes.

Chaste Tree

This is a shrub, despite its name, that produces beautiful spears of purple flowers. Each part of this plant can have medical benefits, from entire young plants, roots, seeds, and stems.

Along with relieving menopause symptoms, some of these benefits include greatly reducing PMS symptoms, reducing your risk of fibroids, aiding in hair growth, and even clearing up acne. It can even help reduce phlegm production and create a healthier respiratory system.

When taken alongside black cohosh, it’s said to be even more effective.

Deodorized Garlic

Deodorized garlic is just garlic that has been preserved to protect its nutritional value while eliminating the smell. Garlic, in its natural and preserved form, offers amazing health benefits. It’s an excellent antioxidant and aids digestion.
It also works to improve your immune system by aiding in fighting infections improving blood flow to prevent strokes and heart attacks. It can also aid in support of cancer prevention.


Ginger is a beautiful plant, and its roots are used across the world in cuisine, candy, and medicine. What provides the power behind this plant is a bioactive compound called gingerol, which makes ginger smell the way it does.

Ginger is an incredible anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress. It’s also great at reducing nausea indigestion and can promote weight loss.

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose gets its name because it blooms at sunset instead of sunrise. The oil comes from the seeds of this flower and is used in many supplements.

One of the many benefits of this oil includes reducing night sweats and other symptoms of hot flashes. It also helps soothe skin conditions like eczema and acne and generally boosts skin health--to make you glow! It can even improve your heart health, regulate blood pressure, and promote weight loss.

Uniquely, evening primrose oil can help reduce the soreness in breast tissue, nerve pain, and joint pain.

The Whole Package

This combination of estrogen-boosting ingredients will help you feel healthier and stay healthier, along with minimizing the effects of low estrogen that often occur during perimenopause.

Even if you aren’t perimenopausal, many of these ingredients help relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome as well. That’s what makes this mix perfect for all women over 30, even if you haven’t hit the perimenopausal life stage just yet.

The mid-life transition is just that—a transition. By understanding the natural processes happening to you and supporting your body through these changes, you can start working on what really matters. Start building a relationship with the new you and exploring your passions as you enter a new phase of life instead of suffering.

Feeling Like Yourself Again

We started this journey, lost in the symptoms of the mid-life transition, unsure of why they were happening, how to help deal with them—and even better—how to overcome them!

Though each woman is on her own journey through life and will face unique opportunities for wisdom through the mid-life transition, one thing is for sure. You can walk this path with a powerful supplement, like those made by Orenda to help with Mid-Life Balance to support your body through its natural transition.
So, take your life back into your own hands, one day at a time.


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