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Orenda Immune® + Detox

60 capsules. 30-day supply.

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Hey there! Let me introduce you to your tried-and-true wellness secret: Orenda Immune® + Detox. This power-packed supplement has been our bestseller for over two decades - a testimony to its effectiveness, wouldn't you say? It's designed to support your immune system and assist your body's natural detox process, all thanks to a special blend of natural ingredients: Calcium d-Glucarate, Muramyl Peptides, and Oat Bran Beta 1,3 Glucans. Unique to Orenda, these ingredients work together like a charm!

Ever wish you had your own personal detox assistant? That's exactly what Calcium d-Glucarate does! It's like your body's personal wellness guide, helping cleanse your system by transforming toxins into easily removable, water-soluble compounds. Quite a trusted advisor, right?

Next up, the friendly Beta 1,3 Glucans. These little helpers, sourced from oat bran, nurture your immune system, encourage beneficial gut bacteria growth, and aid in detoxification.* They're like the multitasking best friend we all need!

Let's not forget our Muramyl Peptides, the fearless defenders derived from lactobacillus fermentum. These tiny warriors are on constant guard, supporting your body's defense mechanisms and ensuring a well-rounded immune response. They're like the bodyguards you didn't know you needed!

With Orenda Immune® + Detox, you're not just making a purchase; you're investing in your health and wellbeing. This supplement is like your wellness buddy, always there to give your immune system a helping hand, especially in these challenging times when environmental toxins are increasing at an alarming rate.

At Orenda International, we believe in the wonders of our bodies. Your body is a marvel, capable of incredible things when in balance - and a robust, supported immune system is the cornerstone of this balance. So, are you ready to embrace the journey towards optimal health with Orenda Immune® + Detox? Secure your bottle today and experience the difference it makes!


A carefully curated blend of ingredients, exclusive to Orenda

Calcium d-Glucarate supports cellular detoxification, also known as Glucuronidation - targeting Xenoestrogens and other hormone disruptors with estrogen-blocking effects.* 

Beta 1, 3 Glucans connect directly with circulating immune cell receptors to promote activity.*

Muramyl Peptides (from Lactobacillus Fermentum) has shown in laboratory studies to support increased activity in key cells of the immune system.*


Recommended intake: As a dietary supplement take two capsules daily for the best results, or as directed by a physician.

Orenda Immune + Detox Supplement Facts

Learn more about the high-quality ingredients that make up Orenda's products.

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60-Second Spotlight: Orenda Immune® + Detox
60-Second Spotlight: Orenda Immune® + Detox
    Orenda Immune® + Detox
    Orenda Immune® + Detox
    Orenda Immune® + Detox
    Orenda Immune® + Detox
    Orenda Immune® + Detox
    Orenda Immune® + Detox
    Orenda Immune® + Detox
    Orenda Immune® + Detox

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Benefits of Calcium d-Glucarate

    Say hello to Calcium d-Glucarate, nestled within our Orenda Immune® + Detox blend. It's like your personal detox assistant, working behind the scenes to help your body feel it's very best.

    Here's where the magic happens: Your body has a natural process called glucuronidation. Think of it as your liver's private cleaning service, focused on detoxification at the cellular level. Calcium d-glucarate takes the conductor's baton in this physiological orchestra, binding to toxins and turning them water-soluble for easy elimination. Plus, it's a bit of a gatekeeper, keeping an eye out for any toxins that might try to sneak back into your system.

    Calcium d-glucarate is also a wellness multitasker. It's not just about detoxification. It also lends a helping hand to your liver, prostate, and breasts.* Picture it as a personal trainer for your organs, helping them stay fit and healthy.

    Cholesterol on your mind? Calcium d-glucarate’s got that covered, too. It aids in supporting the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels by supercharging the production of useful bile acids.* Think of it as an adept engineer, ensuring your body operates like a well-oiled machine.

    And that's not all. Calcium d glucarate also plays a part in supporting the balancing act of inflammation, toning down those pro-inflammatory cytokines while amping up the friendly, anti inflammatory ones.* Imagine it as a peacekeeper, maintaining harmony and balance within your body.

    So, all things considered, calcium d-glucarate is another secret weapon in your wellness toolkit, tirelessly promoting health and vitality from within your Orenda Immune® + Detox. Here's to calcium d-glucarate,
    your steadfast ally on this journey to feeling absolutely fabulous!

    Benefits of Beta 1,3 Glucans

    Let’s introduce you to a true gem in the world of wellness, Beta 1,3 Glucans. You can find these amazing soluble fibers in all kinds of places - from bacteria and fungi to the cell walls of certain plants. But their true superstar home? Oat bran.

    These Beta 1,3 Glucans are like little champions, supporting your immune system by cheering on white blood cell production. They also do a clean sweep, detoxifying your body, and bring about a friendly crowd of beneficial gut bacteria to help with digestion and overall well-being.*

    But these aren't your everyday fibers. They have an incredible talent as the conductors of your immune system orchestra, striking up a balance that helps to maintain your overall health.* And would you believe, These wonder-workers have also been shown to support the reduction of inflammation, safeguard cells, and support heart health.*

    Here's the real standout feature though: Beta 1,3 Glucans help to support the Th2 immune aspect, the part of our immune system that keeps allergies and autoimmune diseases in check. They help to maintain a delicate balance between the yin and yang of our immune system - the TH1 and TH2 functions.

    In a nutshell, Beta 1,3 Glucans are just the ticket for your wellness journey, bringing a host of health supporting benefits to the table. So, embrace this natural marvel and help your body's resilience and vitality to flourish.

    Benefits of Muramyl Peptides

    Let’s introduce you to Muramyl Peptides, extraordinary elements extracted from lactobacillus fermentum. They’re like our body's tiny special forces soldiers that activate a broad defense against bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other minute intruders. Essentially, think of them as your body's very own security system, enhancing your immune system's readiness to protect and defend.*

    What's fascinating is how they work. Your immune system recognizes Muramyl peptides as signals of bacterial presence, sparking an invigorated immune response. The key players here are macrophages, vital cells in your immune system that get a wake-up call to fight off potential infections. Once activated, these macrophages increase the production of certain compounds and support an inflammatory response, both of which are crucial in warding off infections.*

    Plus, Muramyl Peptides play an important role in maintaining a balance between two types of immune response, TH1 and TH2. This balance is critical for a healthy immune system. So, while TH1 process is busy fighting off bacteria and viruses, the TH2 function is on guard against allergies and autoimmune diseases. Muramyl Peptides provide a bit of support to the TH1 defense system, supporting a well-rounded immune response.*

    To put it simply, Muramyl Peptides are a little-known, but mighty ingredient that adds a extra layer of defense to your overall health and well-being.* They're like your body's own personal bouncers, always ready to ensure everything runs smoothly.

    Why Choose HPMC Capsules for Your Supplements?

    Orenda chooses HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose) capsules for our supplements. HPMC, also known as hypromellose, is a safe and innovative material derived primarily from wood pulp. This plant-based source makes it an ideal choice for those who follow vegetarian or vegan lifestyles, ensuring that our products are inclusive and respectful of diverse dietary choices and needs.

    Why are HPMC capsules a superior choice?

    Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly: Unlike other capsules that may contain animal derivatives, HPMC capsules are 100% plant-based. This aligns with our commitment to vegetarian and vegan consumers, ensuring that our supplements are accessible to all.
    Free from Additives: In our quest to offer pure and natural supplements, Orenda's use of HPMC capsules allows us to avoid any unnecessary additives. This means you're consuming the supplement in its most natural form, without any artificial ingredients.
    Tasteless and Clear: To ensure that your focus remains solely on the benefits of the supplements, HPMC capsules are clear and tasteless. They provide a neutral delivery system that doesn't interfere with the efficacy or taste of the supplement inside.
    Sustainable Source: HPMC is primarily made by extracting from wood pulp, a renewable resource. This choice reflects our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

    Our use of HPMC capsules is a testament to Orenda's dedication to purity, inclusivity, and environmental consciousness. By choosing these plant-based, additive-free capsules, we ensure that you receive your supplements in a form that is as close to nature as possible.

    What if I forget to take a serving?

    If you miss a serving, there is no need to take more with the next serving. Just take your next serving as usual.

    Should I take Orenda Immune® + Detox if I'm on medication?

    Orenda Immune® + Detox was designed to be as safe as possible. However, as always and with any nutritional supplement, we recommend that persons under medical care, including those taking medications, consult with their physician before use.

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