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Orenda Eaze®

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Orenda Eaze® (30ct capsules/30-day supply)

Orenda Eaze® addresses the modern challenges to our gut biome, which is the foundation for our health and vitality. Orenda Eaze® supports the maintenance of proper intestinal microflora and healthy digestion in a whole new way through an innovative blend of digestive enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics. Orenda Eaze® is a healthy way to strike back at occasional digestive discomfort by encouraging a natural gut biome and supporting healthy digestion*.

Orenda Eaze® is a blend of over 31 of the most advanced and comprehensive digestive enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics on the market today. Stress, in the form of modern lifestyles, hormonal imbalances, excessive sugar consumption, environmental pollutants, and medicines, can wreak havoc on the balance of the microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract. Many opportunistic organisms flourish under these adverse conditions.*

The digestive enzymes in Orenda Eaze® can support nutrient absorption, energy, and overall health, while the probiotics support healthy bacteria in the lower digestive system. Orenda Eaze® brings all of these components together to ease occasional digestive discomfort and encourage natural, healthy digestion.*


    • Helps support the maintenance of proper intestinal micro flora and digestion
    • Promotes healthy bacteria in lower intestine and colon
    • Supports our immune system
    • Helps absorption of nutrients in the body

Orenda Systemic is an enteric coated strain of Serrapeptase.  The enzyme Serrapeptase is “systemic” because it is absorbed through the small intestine into the blood stream where it helps promote healthy circulation and cleansing.  Stomach acid can degrade the enzyme and make it less effective, but Orenda solves that problem by entirely coating our Serrapeptase so that it is protected from stomach acids to stay effective throughout digestion.*

Orenda Eaze® Information Sheet

Orenda Eaze® Ingredient List

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