Orenda Awaken Kit
Orenda Awaken Kit

Orenda Awaken Kit

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Orenda Awaken Kit:

Includes 1 Orenda Immune® (60ct capsules/30-day supply) and 1 Orenda O-Tropin® (1oz spray/30 day supply).

SAVE $5.00 when ordering these two items together as part of a kit.

For over 19 years these two products, Orenda O-Tropin® & Orenda Immune®, have been the most sought after and reordered items from the Orenda family of products. Orenda has now combined these two comprehensive proprietary offerings into the Orenda Awaken Kit. 

Orenda Immune®
Orenda Immune® supports both cellular detoxification and a balanced immune system.* 

Orenda O-Tropin®

Orenda O-Tropin® is recommended to anyone over the age of thirty who is serious about enjoying the prime of life. Orenda's O-Tropin uses an advanced liposomal delivery system to effectively administer its proprietary formula.  Used twice daily, Orenda O-Tropin® supports restorative sleep when you have occasional sleeplessness and it helps support normal pituitary function.*

Orenda Awaken Kit Ingredient List

orenda awaken kitorenda awaken kit




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