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Orenda Immune®

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Orenda Immune® (60ct or 120ct capsules/30-day or 60-day supply)

SAVE $5.00 when ordering the larger 120 ct supply.

The Orenda Immune® formula is a concentrated form of the Orenda Immune Proprietary Blend. The Orenda Immune® is recommended to people who want additional immune system support and for people who are focused on healthy living.

Orenda Immune® is a product ahead of its time, perfectly positioned to answer the call of proactive consumers who are not content to wait passively for problems to arise. These consumers look to Orenda Immune® for supporting their bodies' natural defenses, and for detoxification from the inside out. Orenda Immune® is the first and only product of its kind to address immunity at the cellular level, and the effects of this are profound.*

Beta 1, 3 Glucans
Support the immune system by connecting directly with receptors on circulating immune cells to promote their activity.

Calcium d-Glucarate
Supports your body’s natural process of cellular detoxification, also known as Glucuronidation.

Muramyl Peptides
Help to activate Natural Killer cells.

The Process of Glucuronidation 
  1. Glucose covers cell.
  2. Toxins attack cells.
  3. Through glucuronidation harmful substances are removed from the cells, made water soluble, and eliminated from the body.
  4. A harmful enzyme often reverses glucuronidation, releasing toxins back into the body.
  5. Glucarate from the cell bonds with the enzyme, preventing its harmful actions.


Orenda Immune® Information Sheet

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